Switchdance 📍 Oslo / Lisbon

© Thyra Dragseth

Born in the early eighties in Lisbon via Goa, Marco Antão is the man behind the name Switchdance - a moniker adapted from a deceptively unwieldy skateboarding manoeuvre which requires the rider to perform tricks in a reverse stance to their preferred one. Not unlike Marco’s music which is multi-layered, intrinsic and elaborate, but with a beating club pulse strong enough to bewitch any dance floor no matter the size or the hour.

Widely regarded as one of Portugal’s finest and most adventurous DJs and producers, he is renowned for his highly eclectic, profoundly hypnotic sets. Known for his diverse musical palette and boundless creativity, Switchdance ultimately seeks to challenge audiences, all the while enticing them with a combination of music that draws equally from a comfortably familiar past and a distant alien future.


  • 31 Aug - Lisa, Lisboa