Funkamente 📍 Lisbon

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Funkamente is about two heads who wear different hats at different times. Founders of Lisbon's ESR, usually a DJ team, sometimes making tunes, occasionally bringing technology into music-related projects.

Since 2018 you've been able to find them playing the coolest underground dancefloors and festivals throughout Europe.

Their night Funkamental happens every other month at Lux Frágil (Lisbon) and Passos Manuel (Porto).


  • Jun 15 - Funkamental, Lux Frágil, Lisboa
  • Jun 17 - DDM x ESR, Lisboa
  • Jun 24 - DDM x ESR, Lisboa
  • Jul 27 - Boom Festival, Idanha-a-Nova
  • Jul 29 - Funkamental, Passos Manuel, Porto